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At Charmin your duty is our duty. And no one takes duty more serious than Charmin


Who woulda thought a kid from Brooklyn ould be out here?

I’m ready to do my duty

They say I was born for this

Born for what?

Born to be torn apawt?

Born to be wiped away?

I just hope I don’t fold under pressure.

But maybe I should, afterall foldins just pawta the job.

The lucky guys… wipe away tears, buncha nose blowers we call em.

 But not us, we aint get so lucky

(Scoff)… Most jobs they tell ya to hang in there, put up with da bosses crap 

Not here man… there's nothin’ worse than hangin’ in there

Here i'm just crack cleaning butt napkin…a fanny freshener

Someone's tushy tablecloth on a taco tuesday

I’m just little private poo taking orders from Lt. Loo

But thats what they say huh… my duty is your duty

Last thing pops told me before he went?

Be strong son

Charmin Ultra 4 ply 24 pack strong.

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